Private dining

Bar Peached offers three separate private dining options that can accommodate both small, intimate groups and larger parties. The Eastwood is a private dining room in a moody space defined by mod lighting and velvety fabrics. It can seat up to 42 guests and accommodate up to 60 guests for a cocktail style event. The outdoor patio sits underneath a 100 year old oak tree. Secluded from West 6th, the patio mixes both lounge furniture and dining tables. It is characterized by bright colors and wood benches and can accommodate up to 65 guests seated and 110 standing. A full restaurant buyout incorporates both the private dining space, outdoor patio and the main upstairs dining room. This option is for parties with larger guest counts that perhaps want to host different experiences in each area of the bungalow space. This option can accommodate parties of up to 225+ standing.


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